Cogniwiz™ is a provider of interactive databases products.

Our technology provides a readily available vehicle for the efficient transfer of expertise between highly qualified professionals and end users. Our proprietary wizard uses an advanced algorithm to sort queries in order of usefulness to the user. Cogniwiz™ products are well suited for:

Dermwiz diagnostic technology

Dermwiz™ is a searchable database of inflammatory skin diseases. This novel computer-assisted diagnostic technology meant to assist, not replace, qualified health professionals practicing dermatology and dermatopathology.

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Mobile Applications

Dermwiz will soon be available for mobile devices. Visit the Apple iTunes and Google Play store and get the application on your favorite smart phone.

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Future Products

Cogniwiz™ is a provider of interactive databases products well suited for complex diagnostic applications. Users interact with the database in a manner that resembles the thinking process of trained experts.

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