Naming a skin rash is one of the most daunting task in Medicine. There are thousands of different dermatological diagnoses and not one dermatologist who has seen them all.

Dermwiz™ can, however, pool the experience of generations and instantly digest it to answer a query.

Introducing DERMWIZ™


Dermwiz™ is a searchable database of non-tumoral skin diseases. It provides a list of diseases that match criteria selected by the user from a vast menu covering clinical and pathological aspects of diseases. Since the database contains descriptions of more than 2,000 diseases and variants, it will yield differential diagnoses containing both common and rare conditions.

NOTE : Dermwiz™ is a diagnosis decision support system meant to assist, not replace, trained professionals. This site should be used by qualified health professionals practicing dermatology and dermatopathology. Patients should not use Dermwiz™. The information provided by Dermwiz™ does not constitute, and is not intended to replace, professional advice, judgment or diagnosis, nor to substitute for professional training.

Dermwiz™ is temporarily available free of charge to all registered users.

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