Diagnosis is the most complex and challenging aspect of professional expertise.

From identifying the source of an error message to identifying a plant or a disease, experts are called upon to interpret findings and reach a diagnosis. Our products assists experts by pooling the experience of generations and instantly digest it to answer a query.

Complex diagnostic applications, including medical diagnosis or technical troubleshooting.

Automated, web-based user support.

Complex identification tasks, for example bird watching, collectibles.

Choice assistance, for example choosing the right plant amongst thousands of species & varieties.

Future Products

Cogniwiz Inc. provides diagnostic decision support tools. Unlike traditional expert systems, users are not limited by algorithms or rules. Instead, the database-based approach mimics the human mind, making it easy to use. The Cogniwiz Inc. technology supports a very high level of complexity to meet the most demanding diagnostic tasks. Our proprietary wizard uses an advanced algorithm to sort results in order of usefulness to the user. Our technology can be adapted to most diagnostic applications.

We will continue to expand the Cogniwiz Inc. family of products. If you are an expert and would like our help to develop a diagnostic application, do not hesitate to contact us.